Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kaleb's gonna play ball too!

Kaleb is so excited to have his own baseball uniform!!!  (Blake's coach also coaches a 3/4 year old t-ball team and after watching Kaleb several times he asked us if Kaleb could come play on his team!!!)  We haven't had a game yet, but I know he is going to love it! 
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Surprise Granna!

On our way home from the Wilderness we surprised Granna by dropping by to see her at work!  It was almost time for her to leave so we got to go out to dinner with her!

These boys love their Granna... and she loves them!!!!!
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Wilderness weekend!

Our friends Nathan and Mandy invited us to join them and their two boys for a weekend at the Wilderness in the Smokeys!  Blake and Kaleb (well, the back of him) with Pierse in the wave pool!

Kaleb loved that he could pretty much do whatever all on his own!

He went round and round going down the slide and up the stairs...

Here he is coming down the slide on his belly!

He had a blast!!!!
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Going down the big slides!

Blake and Daddy had lots of fun going down these big slides in a two person tube!

They were all smiles coming out the end...

Blake is getting so big... and Daddy loves that he wants to have fun doing this kind of stuff together!

Here they are coming out the huge green slide in an even bigger raft!

  One last run before heading home...

Justin, Blake, Nathan and Pierse all enjoyed this ride together!  And we all enjoyed the wonderful weekend that we were able to spend with our friends!  Thanks for a fun few days together!!!
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Random April pics...

Granddaddy had his helper with him at Home Depot!  (Notice the matching outfits!!!)

Kaleb just hanging out in the rocks!

Blake is getting really good at drawing... he did a family portrait and wrote everyone's name all by himself!  There's Bob (aka Granddaddy), Dad, Mom, Kaleb and Blake!

We've been spending lots of time at the ballfields with Blake playing ball this spring... Kaleb enjoys going to play in the dirt and eat snacks!

Blake is doing so great... he's a pretty good little hitter, with a great stance!!! 
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Roller Skates and Motorcylces!

The boys got invited to a birthday party at the skating rink... and this was their first time there!  Here's Kaleb showing off his wheels!

And Blake practicing before he headed out on the rink!  They loved it!

Daddy and Kaleb taking Uncle Marcus' motorcycle for a quick spin!

And Daddy and Blake coming back from a super fast ride up the street.... these boys and their toys!!!!
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It's baby shower time!

Here's the mommy-to-be, Anna, ready for the shower to begin!  (Anna is my first cousin on my mom's side, for those who may not know!)

And here's the yummy and colorful food spread!!!  We had fruit and veggie trays, sausage balls, ham rolls,pasta salad, and cupcakes... and it was all delish!!!!

Anna is such a beautiful mommy!

Anna and her momma! 

Anna and Meemie...

And the "shower hosts" ... (minus Aunt Vicki, we missed you!) 
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Baby shower games!

We played "Guess what baby made?!?!?"  with diapers filled with different candy bars and baby food!

Anna getting her nose right in it!!!

Then we played "Feed the baby!" with baby bottles filled with apple juice!

It was so funny seeing them struggle to get the juice out as fast as they could...

Lots of fun with our grown up babies!
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Harper's gifts...

Anna and Joey were "showered" with lots of gifts for Miss Harper!

Anna was so excited and thankful opening each one, but was particularly happy to get the baby swing she wanted!  Her belly was too big to bend over though, so momma Joyce helped unwrap a few!

And getting Harper's first life jacket even made her cry!!!

This baby is so blessed!!!

I think this one explains itself!  Love you, Joey!!!
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kaleb's first trip to the dentist!!!!

 What's the big deal... you just lay back and relax!

Kaleb is excited for it to be his turn at the dentist

Watching everything the hygenist did!

Yay, for a perfect checkup and clean teeth!!! 
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